Thursday, December 31, 2015


I discovered this great lady via twitter thanks to another online friend. It took me a while to discover what she was all about and what her goal was on twitter and facebook. After a few days of checking her out and twittering with her I am so glad I followed her and have been interacting with her. 
I have followed many people on twitter and facebook and not one of those people has touched me like Emi. Her goal is to spread love and compassion throughout the world. You can win prizes from her and the only thing she wants is for you to share with everyone. 
There aren't many on this earth these days that show even a tidbit of compassion towards anyone. Thank you for setting a great example to everyone Emi and supporting all of the awesome causes that are out there. By backing these causes you are bringing awareness that they might not have achieved otherwise. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015



I discovered this awesome group on facebook and I immediately joined. RANTS RAVES & REVIEWS is owned and run by Kiki N Nazii and she does a fabulous job. This group is for marketing agents whom are affiliated with Smiley360, Influenster, BzzAgent and Crowdtap and they can get feedback, share information, give opinions or just come in and vent.

I love how Kiki lets you be yourself and share information that can benefit other people. Also all the members thus far are courteous and informative. This group isn't just for marketers with the companies listed above. She encourages all marketing agents to join.

I just want to say that this is the best group I have found thus far. Although there aren't very many members yet. I think this group is going to succeed in ways Kiki has never imagined. Your going to grow very quickly Kiki and thank you for letting me join your great group.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane

This review is for Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane, 10 Count (Grocery)
I am drinking this coffee as I am writing this review and I love it. I was anxious to try this coffee but also hesitant because I have never tried a product of this nature. When I opened the pouch I sniffed because I was expecting a strong scent. There is no strong scent. It does smell like coffee but also has a subtle mushroom scent. It is similar to a fruity, earthy scent. It actually smells really good. This coffee is instant and I didn't even realize it when I requested it. I have never liked instant coffee because the taste is so strong. Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee isn't strong. You can taste the Lions Mane Mushroom Extract, it is not overpowering but subtle. It contains Lions Mane extract which benefits are Immune stimulating, antimicrobial against Aspergillus, Candida, bacilli and anti-tumoral. Extract De Chaga which is from a medicinal mushroom with these benefits, purported to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, enhance liver health, and fight viruses. Rhodiola Sauvage which is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve symptoms associated with stress such as fatigue, exhaustion, and mild anxiety. Mushroom Coffee also contains instant coffee powder. I always drink my coffee laced with cream and tons of sugar. I do not need cream or sugar with Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee. The flavor stands alone and doesn't need a bunch of unnecessary additives. I will be replacing my coffee with this product. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee with Lion's Mane, @FourSigmaFoods, #healthyalternatives, #lifestylechange, #funguys 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This is actually an older book copyright 2005, written by Markus Zusak. The story is set in 1939, Nazi Germany, and tells the story of Liesel Meminger. She is forced to go to a foster family and during the trip she losses her brother. After her brother's burial she happens upon a book "The Grave Diggers Handbook", and thus begins her love of books. 
This book gives us more insight to the horrible tragedies that occurred during the holocaust. It reminded me of another favorite book of mine. The much loved "Diary of Anne Frank". However, this story is told from a perspective that I have never seen or heard of before. It took me a chapter or two to get it and then when I started realizing where that perspective was coming from I was like "What"? I had to flip back through the beginning chapters to make sure I was reading it right or maybe I had missed something. It did not take away from the book at all but made it more interesting as i could not put it down.
Liesel Meminger comes across as a down to earth girl whom is stronger than she will ever know. The author has made her lovable, sweet and innocent. Even though she is stealing books she does so with an enthusiasm that is not about taking away from someone. It is all about her wanting to read and discover books.
Max Vandenburg is the Jew that comes to the family in which to hide and the story grows more amazing with his admission into the story.
I love this book and have read it several times and consider it to be one of my best literary purchases ever. Every man, woman and child should read this book as it has so much to offer. I would love to see it as a mandatory read in our schools. Our children would get some much out of it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


If you want to try a great company that help you get started then look no further. I use influenster and I love it. Their site is easy to use and shows you how to do it, please check it out,, +Influenster 

Earn YOUR spot in this VoxBox! #JingleVoxBox

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Today I decided to try DermOrganics hair care sampler. These products are oil free as well as fragrance free and made with Organic Argan oil of Morocco. 
DermOrganics daily conditioning shampoo is sulfate free and color safe which is exactly what I needed. This product is also made from facial cleansers. I was hesitant about that as I had never heard of such a thing. This shampoo revitalizes and enlivens. It offers a luxurious lather that i wasn't expecting at all. It is also 70% organic. When I opened the bottle I did my sniff test. It smelled like soap which threw me off. I followed through with washing my hair and I loved all the rich lather. When I finished my hair smelled so clean and fresh. 
I then proceeded to DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque. It is enriched with Rice Keratin. It fortifies and repairs as well as improves elasticity. This one has a subtle salon scent which I love. I love products that give your hair a subtle salon scent. Who doesn't love going to the salon and with this product you will get that and not have to leave your home. You apply this from the roots to the ends and leave on for 1 minute. I opted for 3 minutes as I felt my hair could use the extra conditioning. When I rinsed my hair felt so soft and tangle free. 
After toweling off I applied DermOrganics leave in treatment. This product adds incredible softness and shine. Protects from thermal damage, ( I never use a hair dryer or curling iron). Restores optimum moisture balance and speeds drying time by up to 40%. 
I realized I was late for an appointment and left the house without brushing my hair at all. It was warm outside so I let my windows down on my car and let it air dry. My hair looks and feels amazing. I am impressed with these three products. I have tried other products that were not organic and they did not do as well as these. I will be investing in these. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, December 3, 2015



I have found my favorite all season body wash and lotion. Aveeno offers so many different products for all skin types. I received the Nourishing Coconut and I love it. The scent is subtle yet noticeable. I used the body wash in the shower and the lotion after shower. It made my very dry skin, soft and silky. 
They use only high quality natural ingredients. Their scientists follow high standards of ingredient selection, formulation and manufacturing, with processes that retain the strength and purity of the ingredients. 
This company has been around since 1945 and they strive to care for our natural resources and give back to our communities, leaving the world a better place. Because of this belief they are always challenging themselves to improve their products and operations. 
If every company followed this values and traditions the world would be an even better place to live. It's not enough to just love a product for what it does. It is better to love a product for what they stand for and whom they are. 

“I’m a member of the Crowdtap AVEENO® rewards program, and AVEENO® sent me samples of its AVEENO® SKIN RELIEF GENTLE SCENTTM Body Wash Nourishing Coconut to review.” 


I never thought that I could use Sweet'N Low in so many different ways. I love that I have found so many different recipes for the holidays that I can eat and drink and not have to worry about calories. I am a huge frappe fan and now I can use Sweet'N Low with my drinks to help me avoid excessive calories and sugar. The story behind this awesome creation is inspiring as well. Please enjoy. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
World War II was finally over, and with it had gone the uniformed customers of Ben Eisenstadt’s Brooklyn Navy Yard cafeteria. With four kids and two newly immigrated in-laws to support, Ben needed to find a way to make a living.
After selling the eatery’s fixtures, Ben had just enough money to purchase one tea-bag machine. Vague memories of working at a tea factory as a child (probably illegally) prompted his business interest in the tea industry. It was this machine that would forever change Ben’s life.
During a rare lunch out with his wife Betty, Ben ordered a cup of tea and attention turned to the sugar bowl. Betty had long decried fly-swarmed sugar bowls as unsanitary. “Wouldn’t it be nice if sugar came in individual bags, like tea?”
Ben then realized that packing sugar couldn’t be much different from packing teas and the idea of the individual sugar packet was born.
Working together, Ben and his son Marvin came up with the idea of a single-serve zero calorie sugar substitute packet. The name was inspired by Ben’s favorite song,“Sweet and Low.” The pink color was chosen so the packets would stand out in the sugar bowl. With the brand look and name established, Sweet’N Low received Federal Trademark Registration No. 1,000,000.
For the first 6 years of being in market,Sweet’N Low was only available in restaurants and coffee shops. In 1963,
Sweet’N Low made its debut in grocery stores so people could pick up a box of their favorite zero calorie sweetener and enjoy its sweetness at home.

Monday, November 30, 2015


My dog Mondo is a long haired Jack Russell and he has severe allergies. I had tried numerous dog food brands to no avail and I was contemplating a trip to the vet. After trying a very expensive brand that worked I felt like I would always be broke because of the price of his food. My cousin reached out to me and told me about this company, so I contacted them to try it and they sent me samples of their products. They worked and are also half the price of the other brand. I am so happy with these two products and I am now buying them. Please check them out, TASTE OF THE WILD

   Sierra Mountain Canine® Formula with Roasted Lamb

  • K9 Strain® Probiotics
  • Prebiotic Fiber
  • Roasted Lamb
  • Omega Fatty Acid Blend
  • Antioxidants
  • Grain-Free
Protein: 25% minimum; Fat: 15% minimum
Calories: 3,611 kcal/kg (338 kcal/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy
Available in 5lb, 15lb and 30lb bags

                      Pacific Stream Canine® Formula with Smoked Salmon

  •  K9 Strain® Probiotics
  •  Prebiotic Fiber
  •  Smoked & Real Salmon
  •  Omega Fatty Acid Blend
  •  Antioxidants
  •  Potato Fiber
  •  Grain-Free
Protein: 25% minimum; Fat: 15% minimum
Calories: 3,600 kcal/kg (360 kcal/cup) Calculated Metabolizable Energy
Available in 5lb, 15lb and 30lb bags

Sunday, November 29, 2015

ArtNaturals Enhanced Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

I was excited to get this product to review especially since winter is coming. My complexion was lackluster in appearance and I needed some quick help. This product isn't very oily and goes on smooth. It only takes a small amount every morning. I used it without makeup. My skin has always been very oily in some spots and dry in others. It has given my skin a vibrant, smooth and even tone. It contains 20% Vitamin C, amino acid blend, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and ferulic acid. It hydrates and protects from environmental stressors. Considering we are entering the harsh winter months, I felt compelled to place this on my Christmas blog. We all want to look our best this time of the year. You can check it out on AMAZON and let me know what you think. I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Okay If you have't heard of ELITE DEALS then you are seriously missing out. If you want to try sampling and reviewing products this will get you started. I started here and I am still using this site as it is so easy and it gives the best prices. I mostly handle free stuff because that's all I can afford at this time. I have gotten a few items for 1.00, the prices range from free to several dollars to more. I hope one day to be able to afford more as I learn more and get better at it. So, please check them out and let me know what you think.


I have never really used Amazon until recently. With the Holidays approaching I wanted to discover gifts for someone that has everything and really doesn't need anything. She is also very picky when it comes to gifts (sorry Mom). I love her but she is just that way. I have always had that problem. I have never felt that a gift was good enough. Maybe I just stink at picking out gifts. Anyway, I have been using Amazon a lot lately and discovered their gift cards. They have so many awesome options. You have the e-gift option (instant delivery), in a greeting card (1 day shipping), and in a gift box (1 day shipping). What a perfect way to show someone you love them. With all the amazing categories on Amazon they will be able to find what they like and what they might need. Also with Amazon Prime your shipping is free. I love Amazon Prime. I have included a link to Amazon Gift Cards on my page so make sure you go check it out. Have a great day.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Yerdle is an awesome online site that uses credits to buy what you want. You can also post up stuff you want to get rid of and earn shipping and credits. Yerdle pays your shipping if its less than 10 pounds on these items. I signed up and received 35 credits, bought my first item with free shipping. The trick to this site is to refer and post items you don't need anymore. I ordered a sweater from them and I love it. You can find anything on this site. I just ordered Matthew an old Charlie Brown book and I cant wait for it to arrive. Please go check it out. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I absolutely love TRESemme 7 day smooth system. My hair is color treated so I have some damage. I used this product as directed on package and my hair is so soft and smooth and there aren't any more fly away's. The shampoo is infused with Keratin and made with lower sulfates. This product gently cleanses and removes impurities. Also the scent is wonderful. It is a subtle salon scent but isn't over powering. The conditioner works with the heat of your flat iron. But guess what? I don't have one of those and I wouldn't use one if I had one. However I did use my hair dryer and it works with that to. No frizz and more manageability. I took a photo of these 3 products for a reason. Yes, one is Loreal, but this is my regimen. These products work well for me together. Now, Loreals' Total Repair Extraordinary Oil is awesome for unruly hair. I am not saying that TRESemme doesn't do the job. Because it works fabulously. However because of my damage I prefer a little more. The feel of this product on your hands is like a silky smooth oil. It is so smooth and silky it almost feels like it is dry. It doesn't take much. I simply add a dot to my hands and rub it in to the ends of my wet hair. If you add it where it's not needed this can give your hair an oily appearance. Telena gives these three products 2 thumbs up and my seal of approval. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Just wanted to share my experience with this product here. ONESTA COLOR CARE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. I just tried this product and I wasn't impressed at all. First the scent smelled kind of sweet which I didn't care for. I'm not a big fan of sweet smelling things. I think I mentioned in another post that I like the salon scents as i feel like I have had my hair done. However, those whom enjoy the sweet smell my enjoy this product. My hair was easy to comb out while still wet so that is a plus. My color seems to be more alive after washing than it was before but I have found other products to do the same. I guess at this point I was hoping after using this product it would jump out there and suck me in, which it didn't. I do like the fact that this product is free from all of the following, parabens, sulfates, gluten, dyes, dea/tea, phthalates, sodium chloride and propylene glycol. So I'm giving this product one thumbs up. Thank you for your visit and hope to see you soon.

Monday, October 26, 2015


                GIVE $20.00, GET $20.00

Welcome back to my blog, and I hope your having an awesome day. I discovered this site with the help of a friend and i love it. I ordered my first 2 items, 2 dresses, and only had to pay shipping. You refer people through your referral link and when they sign up and spend then you get 20.00. However, when they sign up, you are giving them 20.00 to spend as well. The Link in which to check it out is here thredUP or you can just click the GIVE $20.00, GET $20.00 link above. I will be posting a photo and a review when my items come in. Please go check it out and refer your friends so you can get cool stuff as well. Have a great day.

evian Brumisateur

Evian Brumisateur is bottled at it's source in the French Alps. Naturally pure mineral water is an awesome way to refresh yourself or your look throughout the day. Considering the fact that I am in the pool four days a week and my skin sometimes looks dry, I thought this product would be a great way to help keep my skin moist. I use this with or without makeup.
Collected in the French Alps it comes from one of the purest places on the planet. Untouched areas that you can feel good about. Evian water is filtered through glacial sand which makes it so pure. No other water offers the same benefits as this water. You will receive a healthy does of minerals with each spray. Your ingredients are water and nitrogen and that is all. This product works even better in the summer time when the temperature is rising. Winter time? Because of our weird changes in weather I experience very dry skin and chapping. That wont be a problem anymore. Everyone knows that moisture helps to protect your skin. Evian Brumisateur comes in a 5 ounce bottle and lasts about a month. This is a product that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. Best investment I have ever made. Go check it out guys, you will love it, 


I received this little gem from PETUNIA SKINCARE and at first I had some mixed emotions about this product. When I opened it I was like looks like someone is getting ready to do surgery. But in the products defense I have never used anything like this. It came with 5 instruments in a handy little case. I did notice that inside the case are 2 rips. But that's not a big issue for me at this time. The tools are easy to use when following the instructions on the package. I loved the brand logo as well. Okay, I tried this and seriously I do not think I would use this product much. I do not take that much time with my appearance everyday. This would be a product I used occasionally. Maybe if a blackhead or pimple was a big problem. I prefer to wash and go most of the time. Unless there is a special occasion. So what i am saying is if you take that extra time to indulge your skin and complexion then this product is a good investment. If your like me and would only use it periodically then maybe not. You can check out the page at the link above. Thank you PETUNIA SKINCARE for the opportunity to try this product. You guys have a great day.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Okay guys, next weekend I am hitting the stores to buy myself a webcam. Do they still call them that? Anyway, I have had some issues with my phone regarding recording videos and I feel it's time to start learning the youtube process. Once upon a time I knew how to create web pages and do all kinds of crazy stuff. Now, I just feel web page illiterate. I'll keep you updated. Going to do some more reviews tomorrow and Ill see you soon. Have a lovely evening.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

HEMPZ Blushing Grapefruit and Raspberry Creme

I received a package in the mail this week with several samples from HEMPZ. I decided to try this one this morning. I think this one is going to be my favorite. I love the scent so much. It actually reminded me a a scent I had used from a spa several years ago that I haven't been able to find anywhere. Due to swimming at our local community center, 4 times a week, my skin has been left feeling dry and looking dry. After I used this product in shower my skin no longer has the dry look and feels amazing. All HEMPZ  products contain Pure Natural Hemp seed oil, one of natures richest sources of Essential Fatty Acids nutrients and vitamins that help protect and condition the skin. Now if I could find a perfume in this scent I would be in heaven. Anyway, please click on the HEMPZ link and go check it out for yourself. Thank you for stopping by and more reviews are coming later.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Okay, I discovered this little gem when I visited Johnson City, TN for the first time. It's a little German restaurant downtown and they are amazing. I'm very picky when it comes to German cuisine. But this place strives for perfection. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The decor is made up of authenticate German antiquities. They offer a vast array of choices including the bread you see pictured with a chive based butter. Homemade pretzels served with beer cheese and honey mustard which is also pictured. Chicken schnitzel, red cabbage and Bavarian Potato Salad. Monday through Friday you can get the lunch special for 4.99 which is a steal. Appetizers and drinks are not included with that. Please go check it out here FRIEBERG'S then come back and let me know what you think. Have an awesome weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Deranged Beauty Queen Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I wanted to share this talented lady with you. This is my cousin Candace. I will be posting more of her videos because she is awesome when it comes to applying makeup.


I bought this bag of chips almost 3 months ago and stuck it in my cabinets. I forgot all about it. So I was wanting to do a review on something that i had bought but didn't like so I went looking through my cabinets and voila, a new product to review. These are Kettle Chips, Avocado Oil, Lime Ranch, and well, I love them. So much for finding something I don't like. These have a heavy lime flavor which I love. The package says Lime Ranch, but I'm not tasting the Ranch. But that's not a big issue for me as I'm not sure that's a good combination anyway. They have a very nice crunch and I seriously can't put them down they are so good. Only 7 grams of fat, 17 grams of carbs, 2 grams of protein, 110 mg of sodium, 380 mg of potassium. So these chips seem to be a better choice than the other chips on the market. The only thing is I have only found these at Earth Fare so far. Which isn't a big deal. I'll just have to make sure I stop in more often. We are going to give this a 2 THUMBS UP, and a Telena Seal of Approval. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Natu Hair Care

Okay so I received this sample a few days ago and I am impressed. I just used Natu Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner for color-treated hair. I noticed after I used the shampoo but before I used the conditioner my hair was so soft which is unusual for my hair. I then proceeded with the conditioner and again it was very soft. I then combed through my hair and no tangles which is weird because I always have that problem. I then proceeded to blow dry. My color is so vibrant. It looks as if I applied a root touch up, which I haven't. After switching between brands I can honestly say that I haven't found another product that is this good. I also have an issue with after a day and a half my hair starts to look oily. So that's something that we are going to watch next. Also, the scent of this product reminds me of a hair salon which I really love. There is nothing like going to the salon to get your hair done. So, I give this product 2 THUMBS UP, and the Telena Seal of Approval Stamp.

 Natu Haircare


All I can say is Wow, I mean this stuff is great. I have been looking for a yogurt that I can eat everyday that I wont get tired of. Looks like I found it. This brand and this particular product has no fat what-so-ever. Only has 130 calories. Only 19 carbs, 15 grams of sugar and 11 grams of protein. The price is also great. I got 10 of these for 6.00 which is a lot cheaper than some of the other brands. Of course your price will vary by each store. I have found that the caramel yogurts are the only yogurt flavor that I never get tired of. I can eat these all day long and still want more. Also yogurt helps soothe my quirky stomach. So please go check it out and see for yourself. Happy Shopping.


OZ Naturals BEST Eye Treatment Gel

Hey guys, welcome to my blog and my review of an awesome new product. I was fortunate to be picked to review this product, OZ Naturals BEST Eye Treatment Gel For Dark Circles, Puffiness + Wrinkles. Anti Aging. Moisturizing.

I have been using OZ Naturals for about a week and saw noticeable results within a few days. I first felt a tightening around my eyes, mouth and forehead. This was after my first use. I also noticed my complexion seemed to be more vibrant. Do you know how sometimes when your skin isn't used to a product you will feel a burning sensation? Actually sometimes I get this feeling no matter how many times I use a product.This product doesn't burn and is made specifically for the eye area. I am 46 years old and haven't really had a noticeable problem with wrinkles until recently. Now that I'm getting older I want to address this problem before it really gets started. Also since the weather is changing and winter is upon us, it's important to start using moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. This product is also a moisturizer. Can this product be any more perfect? Also, If you spend a lot of time at your local community center swimming then this is also beneficial for your after-you-swim skincare regimen. We all know that chlorine drys the skin quicker than anything. So please go check it out at, you will be satisfied with this product. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a lovely day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dollar Deals

Hey guys, thank you for coming back to my blog. I have a link for you to check out. Dollar Deal Reviews is a really easy site to use and I recommend it for getting started. Just sign up, confirm, fill out your profile and then come back and check out your dashboard. Its really fun and I hope you will try it. Just click the link and go, have a great day and see you soon.

Dollar Deals

IMAGE and the MAX part 3

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. So this is day 4 of my sample trial and my skin is feeling awesome. Its lost its dull, lackluster appearance and has taken on a glow. I have had some issues with blackheads and they seem to be going away as well, thank goodness. I dislike those things. So all in all I would say I'm extremely pleased with my product and my results. This is a product I will definitely invest in. Thank you IMAGESKINCARE  for the awesome product samples. +IMAGE Skincare 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

IMAGE the MAX part 2

After initially trying this product I realized that I would not see results in just one use. So, I started a new regimen this morning. I started with the Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser and followed with the Max Stem Cell Serum. I opted to use only those two to begin with as I don't want to bombard my skin with things its not familiar with. My skin feels very clean and I am feeling some tightening across my forehead, and around my eyes. I haven't seen results as of yet so I think I need a few days to see what happens. I used these products this morning and then again this evening. I will update again tomorrow evening, have a lovely night. 

Friday, October 16, 2015


Okay guys, I received these samples in the mail yesterday and I could barely contain myself I was so excited. I have tried them tonight and love them both. I love the texture and the silky feel. The Max sample contained 1. Stem cell facial cleanser, 2. Anti-age stem cell serum, and 3. Moisturizer with spf 50, of course we wont know the full results until I have used them this week which I fully intend to do. The Vital C sample contained 1. Cleanser, 2. Anti-age serum and 3. Moisturizer with spf 50. Now I have chosen to use the Max sample everyday this week starting Sunday and then the following week we shall see how our skin looks. We will then work on Vital C samples. Stay tuned as well hope to see fast results. 

Okay i signed up for this Coobie Bra during a promotion thats running through the end of this month, you have to sign up to win and guess what, bahahaha I won,, you need to check the page because its not first come first served anymore. They are randomly picking their winners. This bra is so comfortable and I love it. Sorry there wont be a pic with little ol me in it. Go check it out, hopefully my link will stay hyper and you will get there. Have a lovely day.

We checked out this book by Rebecca Dickinson from our public library. Its called "Over in the Hollow", The content is amazing and kept Matthews attention. We give it 2 thumbs up and the Telenas Seap of Approval, woot.

This review is from Epipen, or I requested this freebie last week and received it yesterday. Actually this is one of two, the other is solid blue. Matthew whom is 5, has two epipens. One is for school and we keep one here at home. I love the owl themed carrying case. These also came with medical alert cards and info on life threatening allergies. If your child has an epipen and needs a carrying case please go check it out. The fact that these come in several colors and patterns makes carrying something thats a little scary a little more fun.

Coffee Lover's K-Cup Sampler

I discovered this package at Kroger in the clearance section. It contains 36 k-cups for 9.99 plus tax. Expiration Nov 19, 2015. Now that may seem a little soon but when you drink several cups of coffee a day its really not. You cant beat that price unless you find it for that price and use coupons, bahahaha, which I didn't. These taste great and are very convenient for that on the go person. There are 9 different coffee varieties. I tried the Hawaiian blend and let me tell you, it choked me. That's the only one that is so strong i can't drink it. But that's okay, I donated that one to my neighbor. So, if you want great coffee at a great price, check these out. #KeurigGreenMountain