Friday, October 16, 2015

Coffee Lover's K-Cup Sampler

I discovered this package at Kroger in the clearance section. It contains 36 k-cups for 9.99 plus tax. Expiration Nov 19, 2015. Now that may seem a little soon but when you drink several cups of coffee a day its really not. You cant beat that price unless you find it for that price and use coupons, bahahaha, which I didn't. These taste great and are very convenient for that on the go person. There are 9 different coffee varieties. I tried the Hawaiian blend and let me tell you, it choked me. That's the only one that is so strong i can't drink it. But that's okay, I donated that one to my neighbor. So, if you want great coffee at a great price, check these out. #KeurigGreenMountain

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