Friday, October 16, 2015


Okay guys, I received these samples in the mail yesterday and I could barely contain myself I was so excited. I have tried them tonight and love them both. I love the texture and the silky feel. The Max sample contained 1. Stem cell facial cleanser, 2. Anti-age stem cell serum, and 3. Moisturizer with spf 50, of course we wont know the full results until I have used them this week which I fully intend to do. The Vital C sample contained 1. Cleanser, 2. Anti-age serum and 3. Moisturizer with spf 50. Now I have chosen to use the Max sample everyday this week starting Sunday and then the following week we shall see how our skin looks. We will then work on Vital C samples. Stay tuned as well hope to see fast results. 

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