Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I have never really used Amazon until recently. With the Holidays approaching I wanted to discover gifts for someone that has everything and really doesn't need anything. She is also very picky when it comes to gifts (sorry Mom). I love her but she is just that way. I have always had that problem. I have never felt that a gift was good enough. Maybe I just stink at picking out gifts. Anyway, I have been using Amazon a lot lately and discovered their gift cards. They have so many awesome options. You have the e-gift option (instant delivery), in a greeting card (1 day shipping), and in a gift box (1 day shipping). What a perfect way to show someone you love them. With all the amazing categories on Amazon they will be able to find what they like and what they might need. Also with Amazon Prime your shipping is free. I love Amazon Prime. I have included a link to Amazon Gift Cards on my page so make sure you go check it out. Have a great day.

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