Thursday, November 5, 2015

I absolutely love TRESemme 7 day smooth system. My hair is color treated so I have some damage. I used this product as directed on package and my hair is so soft and smooth and there aren't any more fly away's. The shampoo is infused with Keratin and made with lower sulfates. This product gently cleanses and removes impurities. Also the scent is wonderful. It is a subtle salon scent but isn't over powering. The conditioner works with the heat of your flat iron. But guess what? I don't have one of those and I wouldn't use one if I had one. However I did use my hair dryer and it works with that to. No frizz and more manageability. I took a photo of these 3 products for a reason. Yes, one is Loreal, but this is my regimen. These products work well for me together. Now, Loreals' Total Repair Extraordinary Oil is awesome for unruly hair. I am not saying that TRESemme doesn't do the job. Because it works fabulously. However because of my damage I prefer a little more. The feel of this product on your hands is like a silky smooth oil. It is so smooth and silky it almost feels like it is dry. It doesn't take much. I simply add a dot to my hands and rub it in to the ends of my wet hair. If you add it where it's not needed this can give your hair an oily appearance. Telena gives these three products 2 thumbs up and my seal of approval. 

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