Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from +Influenster 

This is my first Voxbox from Influenster and I loved it. There were so many items in which to test and review. I love how this company works and that respond in a timely manner if I have a problem or do not understand something. 

The first item I received was Cetaphil Moisturizing cream. I am very bad about sitting on my ankles while at my desk so my ankles get very dry. After using Cetaphil Moisturizing cream for two days they are getting so much better. I had never tried this product so I am very happy with it and the opportunity to try it. #Cheerphil,#contest #sponsered +Cetaphil US 

The second item was Hallmarks itty bitty's. We received Olaf and my grandson fell in love with him. This actually arrived after Christmas but that was okay. I gave it to him and then we went to the Hallmark Gold Crown store at the mall to check out other options. We have decided to buy the Peanuts Characters. Those are our favorites.@Hallmark #ittybittys  #contest 

The third item was Pure Ice nail polish. I got the color Home run and it suited me just fine. I love the spring colors. It did not fade or chip for a week and it is only 1.97 at Walmart. #Pureice  #contest 

The fourth item was Kiss lashes. I have never in my life applied or worn false lashes. So this was a learning experience for me. One that I will never forget. I do like the look once I got them on. I am glad I had the opportunity to try these. @KISSlashes #contest  #KiSSproducts

The fifth item was Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive. This product helped me tremendously when applying my kiss lashes. I couldn't have applied them without it. I had no eye irritation at all. @KISSlashes #contest

The sixth item was NYC New York Color 24 hour waterproof liner. I love that this liner is larger than others. It makes creating those wings easier. Also it doesn't wash off if it gets wet. #cityproofnyc #contest 

The seventh item was Oreida Tater Tots. I received a coupon for this product and quickly redeemed it. We love tater tots and keep them as a staple in our freezer. I have tried these before and I am a little prejudiced because we love them so much. They cook up crispy and you can use them as a base for a lot of different meals. @OreidaTotchos #OreidaTotchoa #contest 

The last item was Biscoff cookies. I have never tried these but they were awesome. They go very well with coffee and tea or a glass of milk. You can also use them in recipes. I love the cinnamon flavor and the crispy crunch. @Biscoff  #MyBiscoffBreak #contest 

All in all I think that @Influenster is one of my favorite companies in which to interact. They offer you products that you will fall in love with and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other consumers. 

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