Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ecological Lead-Free Crystal Glasses For People That Enjoy Wine! ROD WINE

I am a newbie when it comes to wine and glasses. I bought my first bottle of red wine a few months ago. I had no idea that there were different sizes and shapes for the different types of wine. I just knew that I needed something to help me relax at night so that I could sleep. I didn't realize that I would enjoy it so much. I did not realize that I would want to learn more, until I was able to try these great wine glasses. I was able to snag my first set and then soon realized there were others to be had as well. It took me about a week to snag them all. But I was very happy that I managed it.


RÖD Wine glasses are heavier because of the material and thickness of the glass.
All of their products are made from lead-free crystal and are restaurant grade.
This makes the glasses stronger and more durable.

The glasses are made of lead-free crystal called crystalline. This is a process that increase the durability of crystal glass without the led component. Instead of led they use sodium-potassium which is a lot more environment friendly. The production of the glasses use electrical smelting that further decrease the impact.

All of RÖD Wines glasses are dishwasher safe and/or can be hand-washed. Make sure you put the glasses on the top shelf in the washer, use the stemware rack if available. Avoid the glasses touching other items in the washer to prevent scratching. For hand wash use detergent and hot water. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residual detergent that can influence the wine taste and dry with a lint free towel.
This information was taken from the ROD WINE website. For more information please follow the link.

I tried the red wine glass first and loved the experience. I love the quality of these glasses. These remind me of stemware that can be found in upscale restaurants. They are a little heavy but feel more durable than regular stemware. Please pardon the el'cheapo bottle of wine pictured. That was my first bottle ever purchased and I did not want to splurge on something I might not like. Each 3 set package of stemware comes in a nice box that will make these an awesome gift no matter the occasion.

I had the same experience with the white wine stemware. Very elegant yet durable. All of the sets that I obtained came in a package of three glasses. I am not sure why as most of the people I know party in sets of four or more. But that is okay. That does not affect my review at all.

Have you ever owned a set of champagne stemware but didn't have champagne to put in the glass? Well, that was me, haha. Putting anything other than champagne in this glass felt wrong. But I did it anyway and got through it. Again, very elegant and serviceable stemware that I have fallen in love with. I now have a problem however. I do not have an adequate display for my stemware. I must go shopping.

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WAS TAKEN FROM AMAZON and you can purchase these from the link above.

DURABLE & BEAUTIFUL - We want sturdy glasses that can withstand everyday use. Thanks to the unique material these are as close to unbreakable and shatterproof as they can be. Made of the highest quality, crafted in one of the most renowned glass regions in the world - Bohemia, Czech Republic. Our products are of Restaurant Grade, made from Lead Free Crystal, and tempered to withstand a lot of cheering. We deliver a beautiful, sexy and timeless design with our glasses, as well as for the boxes.

SAFETY & ECO - Our glasses are dishwasher safe. You have probably owned cheaper wine glasses before and got disappointed when you found them in pieces in the dishwasher. This will not happen with our products, thanks to the genuine quality. We want to lessen the impact on the environment, and all of our products are made of lead-free crystal, called crystalline. They are produced in a modern factory, in an ecological process, that restricts and recycles water, and runs on green electricity.

GREAT AS A GIFT - ROD Wine glasses come in beautifully designed and innovative boxes. The containers are made for reuse and storing. This gift is perfect for anniversaries, weddings and housewarmings. Amaze your friends, family and coworkers with our decorative pieces. Surprise someone special with this elegant case for a birthday, Christmas, New Years or Mothers and Fathers day. Maybe as a romantic present to your wife/husband on Valentines. Really, anyone who loves wine will appreciate it!

SHAPE & EXPERIENCE - Wine is our love and passion. That's why our Red Wine glasses are created to aerate and keep the aroma in the glass. Fine red wine is meant to be enjoyed in stemmed glasses and not in tumblers, goblets, cups and stemless glassware. Why? Because the temperature is critical to get the best experience. Our products are inspired by classic European design, made to enhances your wine experience, to get mediocre wines to taste good, and great wines to taste amazing. Glass Matters!

WHY BUY FROM US - There are very few companies that satisfies the real importance when it comes to drinking wine as we do. We highlight the wines natural flavors, provide superior quality, and our products are a treat for the eye when it comes to our box, glasses, and reusable container for storing. We also want to spread the love of wine. That is why you will get Wine Wisdom, a 180 pages e-book with all the information you need about wine for beginners and enthusiasts alike, with every purchase.

So, in ending I have to say that I love my new stemware. For someone that is new to stemware and wine I think I made an excellent choice in trying these. This product is something that I will treasure always. I am also glad that I looked up their website which is within this review. There was so much information on the site for newbies just like me. I now feel more informed and I am ready to dive right in. I received these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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