Thursday, May 12, 2016

Habor Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

I was very excited when I was chosen to review this solar powered light. I have never really used solar energy at all, except for a clock. I had no idea what I was missing. Not only was this product easy to mount, it uses no batteries. I save money by using this product and that makes me so very happy.

This product came with the Solar Sensor Wall Light, mounting kit and instructions. I tested the product first to make sure it worked by placing my hand over the solar panel in a dark room, success. I then chose the area in which to mount. We have a steep set of steps in front of our apartment that has no lighting at all. This would be the perfect place for my light. It was very easy to mount except I do not have a drill, oops my bad hehehe. A drill is very important and I have filed that information away for future shopping trips. I made sure to mount this product in the morning so it would receive at least 8 hours of full sun in which to charge.
As night fell I decided to check it out and proceeded outside. As soon as my body was adjacent to the light it came on. It was dim but I was able to see. As I got closer it got really bright. I was thinking to myself "Wow, this is so awesome". I played with it a little by going behind the light, it dimmed. I moved in front of it again and it brightened. It seems I forgot myself and spent at least 15 minutes playing with my new toy.
My neighbors and I love our new gadget and we are enjoying the fact that we can see to climb our steps. You guys must check this product out. If you are looking for a security light this one is awesome. You can find it on Amazon.

Smart motion sensor With PIR motion sensor and light sensor, it will auto turn on dim light mode when in darkness or at night, and auto turn off when in daytime or bright area. It will enter into bright light mode and stay for 30s when sensing motion and then turn to dim light to save energy. Energy Saving Install the light where the panel can get full sunlight and turn the switch on. It will turn the light on automatically at night and be off during the day. High Brightness With 20pcs SMT LED, the solar wall light is very bright. The total brightness is up to 400 lumens. Please NOTE 1. The performance of the solar light depends on the geographical location, weather conditions and seasons. 2. Please fully charge the device before first use. Specification Color: Black Solar Panel: 5.5V; 0.75W; monocrystalline silicon Battery: 3.7V; 2200mah; 18650 lithium battery Light Source: 20pcs LED bulbs LED Power: 2W Charging Time: 8h sunshine Working Duration: approximately 12 hours Bright Light Mode Delay: 30s Material: ABS, PC Sensing Method: Light & Infrared of human body Sensor Sensing Distance: 3-5m Sensing Angle: 120° IP Grade: IP65 Brightness: 400lm Warranty Every product includes a 45 days money back & 18-month worry-free guarantee!
Product information above was taken from Amazon.
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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