Tuesday, May 31, 2016



I have been needing a lamp for my desk and I was able to try this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

When I first opened the package I was surprised at the size and the way it was packaged. My thought "Well, this is cool." The cord is very short so I was wondering how I would charge it with the USB port as my hard drive is on the floor. I moved the hard drive to the desk top and then discovered the plug, haha. You can charge the lamp with the USB port or in a wall outlet. It is very important to charge this product for at least 6 hours before use. I immediately plugged it in and let it charge.
I fell asleep that night so it actually received more than a 6 hour charge.
I have been using this lamp for the last several days and I love it. The wattage is 5 watts and emits enough light so that you can see effectively with a  cool brightness. I was amazed that this was 5 watts because it seems like more.  There is a slight indentation on the base of the lamp that allows you to turn it on and off. It does not take very much pressure to turn it off at all.

This lamp stands about 15 inches high when the neck is straight up. The neck is bendable so you can adjust it to fit your needs. This was a huge plus for me as I like to control the lighting at my desk.

In ending I have to say this lamp has been a great help to me and it works great. It is very lightweight and allows me to transfer it to where I need it without worrying about cords getting in the way.

Specifications: Mix power: 5w
Color: pure white
Style: modern and portable
Material: high quality ABS plastic
Light temperature: 5500-6500k
Battery Input: 3.7v/700 mAh
Brightness range: 2-200 LUX(30cm distance)
Power Source: built-in battery charges with USB charging cord(included)
Free adjustable: 360 degrees and up and down adjustment
Product Dimension: base approx 14X12.5cm head approx 12.5x 7.5cm high approx 43cm

Stepless Brightness Adjustment: the adjustment of the brightness is smooth, no preset brightness limit.
Long Lasting Battery: last 3+ hours in brightest and 12 hours in dimmer after charging full.
Eye Protection & Eco-friendly: with Non-toxic silicon material, it is suitable for kids, adults, and senior.
360 Degree Rotation: gooseneck adjustment, so you can bend the lamp to your particular need.

Package includes:
1x LED Table Lamp
1x USB Cord
1x User Manual(English)

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