Saturday, May 7, 2016

Room For Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer

In 1936 Neva Gaines Shilling spent much of her life raising her two children, running the mercantile and waiting for her husband to return to her each month. But this time he will not be returning. This time there will not be the usual presents. This time fate will deliver a blow that without the help of faith, love and perseverance she might not be able to handle.

I loved this book. I was able to identify with each of the characters and I felt as if I was experiencing Neva's troubles first hand. I did not like Arthur Randall at all and would have preferred a different ending but the book was still great. I felt really bad for the children's experiences in this book. This book made me realize that our children are affected by our actions. Even the smallest of actions can have a negative impact on our children. This book was a thrill to read and I hope to read more of Kim Vogel Sawyers work.
You can find her on facebook here KIM VOGEL SAWYER

I received this book for free for review.

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