Thursday, July 28, 2016


I was so excited to get to try the WANJIA HANDHELD GARMENT AND FACIAL STEAMER. I do not iron, ever. Who has time for that? This little gadget was so much quicker and gave me better results. I also found that adding a little essential oil to my water made my clothing smell amazing.

This product comes with the steamer, 2 attachments and instructions. The instructions are easy to follow, but make sure you read them. That is very important as I found out first hand. Only fill the water tank to 200 ml, anything more and it will bubble out. Plug it in and set it on the setting you want to use. Ironing? Set it on that. Facial? Set it on that. Give it two minutes to heat up and you are ready to roll. You will see it bubbling inside the tank. It does get hot.

I was able to steam about 6 items before my tank ran out. But I did a thorough steaming. It removed all the wrinkles from my child's clothing as well as my dress. Once I was done, I simply emptied the tank and I turned it upside down in my drainer in order to let it dry. You probably do not have to do that but I did.

Heats up very quickly.
Easy to use
Portable, for home or travel
Removes wrinkles
Gives awesome facials

None, unless you do not follow the instructions, haha.

This is probably my favorite product of 2016. Like I said I do not iron. I also needed a product for giving myself a facial. You simply set it on the facial setting and let it heat up, again 2 minutes. It does not get as hot as the ironing option but I would not put my face to close to the nozzle. Again, do not fill beyond the 200 ml line. I saw a review of this product and she did not follow instructions therefore giving the product a bad review. I know this because I did not follow the instructions when I first set up the product and the same thing happened to me. IMPORTANT: Do not fill beyond the 200 ml line.

In ending, this product is amazing and I love it. I would recommend this product for everyone. Men, women, college kids and pretty much any mature person that can follow simple directions. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can find this product on Amazon

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