Monday, August 29, 2016


My hair is mostly straight already but I do have wave. My hair also loves to go frizzy anytime it rains. If I used hair serums I always ended up getting an oily look. Then I discovered hair straighteners. Gone are the days of hair spray and fancy shampoos and conditioners. Hair straighteners are the in thing, oh and make sure you get yourself some argan oil or your favorite hair serum.

What you get:
1 Straightener
1 Glove
1 Storage Bag
1 Brush
1 Warranty Card

What I love about this brush is that it is metal and has an auto shut off. I am always forgetting things. So this is just one less worry for me. The on the box instructions make it less likely to lose paperwork. I love being able to open the box for a quick reference.

This brush was so easy to use. I just powered it on and used the plus and minus button to adjust the temperature. Once it had heated up I was ready to go. I also use hair serums to prevent heat damage. I think it is very important. I have some products that I had ordered as well as some I bought at our local stores. I just applied the serum and started brushing. I did not use the glove in the video, I forgot, haha. But this is something that I will use in the future. I also love that this product comes with a hair clip. Normally you do not receive these things with other straighteners. I call them perks. This brush comes in 3 colors so everyone can get the color that they enjoy.

My hair has never looked more amazing. I have used this brush after my hair has been washed and dried and that is all it has needed. Even when I get up from sleep my hair still feels amazing. If you guys do not have this brush, you must check it out. You will not be unhappy with it at all.

In ending I have to say that this is my all time favorite hair straightener. Not only does it tame my frizzy hair on rainy days, but it got rid of my wavy hair for a straighter look. I love that there are some accessories included with this brush that makes styling my hair easier. Doing your hair should not feel like a chore. They just made fixing my hair more enjoyable. I would recommend this product for anyone that has curly hair and also for those of us who need healthier looking hair. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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